Studying for the ASVAB can be tough. So many words to learn, so many formulas to remember. Here are three quick practices to add to your day that are guaranteed to improve your score.

  1. Write your multiplication tables-- people hate doing these but it is so worth it. Remember, you have 75 seconds to complete each math question. If you cannot solve a multiplication question like 8x7 in the drop of a hat you need to practice. Practicing them will improve your speed and will help you complete more questions with ease.
  2. Learn 5 new words-- another section that really gets people is the word knowledge section. The word knowledge section has words that you probably don’t use everyday. If you pace yourself and learn 5 words per day, you’ll learn 35 new words per week which makes a big difference in the long run.
  3. Use new words in a sentence-- this step is a follow up to step 2. To make sure you learned the words use them in a sentence when talking to someone else. I was studying for a test a couple of years ago and a friend of mine agreed to help me study. We would use my vocabulary words in conversation, whether talking or texting. It was so helpful!