We have been working with ASVAB for several years and have had the pleasure of seeing many of our students go on to have successful careers in the military. We asked one of our former students why he joined the military and what helped him get ready for the ASVAB. Here is what he told us!

Q: What made me to join the military?
A: Well I think it was my parents because they over protect me and I couldn't go out like the rest of my classmates and I always depend on them so I was like the only way I could be independent after high school was to join the military because if not I probably be in college but still leaving with them under their rules so I was like I need to leave...

Q: Was the ASVAB difficult for you? If it was difficult, why?
A: It wasn't easy for me to pass the ASVAB because English is my second language so I have a lot of problems with the vocabulary section most of the words were new to me. And the math part was a little difficult because in High school I was used to have a calculator for everything and when you are taking the ASVAB you can not use a calculator. That's why you helped me a lot with the tutoring.

Q: What advice would you give anyone that is studying for the ASVAB or trying to join the military?
A: My advice to every student is to take this test seriously and study a lot try to score the 100 or more don't settle for the minimum.

Remember, studying for the ASVAB can be difficult and a lot of people give up on the process. Keep your goal in mind. Remember that you can achieve anything you set your mind and commit to.

Good luck with your studies!